As a technician for Elia, every day is different. From urgent repairs to daily maintenance, the work is always surprising, instructive and challenging.

High-voltage technicians

As a high-voltage technician at Elia, you have a versatile job with plenty of responsibility! You inspect facilities, identify causes of defects and carry out mechanical maintenance on the equipment making up the high-voltage grid, such as switches, disconnectors and transformers, or on their low-voltage electrical driver circuits.

You measure electricity and test new equipment prior to commissioning. Safety is always your priority. Our high-voltage technicians are creative, can read wiring diagrams and have a good overview of complex systems. As a technician for Elia, every day is different.

Low-voltage technicians

Elia utilises a wide range of technologies, from low-voltage equipment with conventional wiring to communication via bus systems. You modify wiring diagrams where necessary, ensuring that security mechanisms are turned on to the right range and at the right time.

Our systems and processes are highly digitalised, so we rely on your analytical skills. You are interested in automation and PLC controls. Driven colleagues, training and independence keep your job interesting. Within Elia, you can carve out a wide-ranging career as a generalist in the technical sector or as a technical specialist in your field, where continuous learning is key.

Cable and line technicians

Are you comfortable with heights or being underground? As a cable and line technician, you work with underground and overhead cables and lines. You check everything, carry out work and make repairs, meaning that every day you are responsible for the safety of local residents and the contractors working on our high-voltage lines.

You regularly patrol the grid, manage measurements and negotiate pruning. This role encompasses a wide range of tasks whereby safety is a priority and you are responsible for urgent and preventive works. Your work is surprising, instructive and challenging, like when you have to climb to the top of a 150-kV pylon!

Dennis Nolf

Technical recruiter

Ikram Hadj Kaddour

Technical recruiter

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