As an engineer, you can focus on infrastructure maintenance and development, system management, or initiatives to improve the operation of the electricity market.


Elia's engineers are cooperators through and through. As part of a multidisciplinary team, you work on the energy needs of the future at both national and international level. As a project leader, design engineer or analyst, you play a key role in challenging projects, both large and small, that will fundamentally change Europe's energy supply, such as Brabo, MOG, ALEGrO and Avelgem-Avelin.

You amass technical and economic expertise with regard to the development of the grid, from the international exchange of energy via subsea electricity cables to the commissioning of high-voltage substations. Given the scale and impact of our high-tech projects, your work is vital. Your ambition determines your specialisation - Elia can offer you unparalleled technical challenges!

“Our country is facing a huge energy challenge.
Working at Elia means rolling up your sleeves and rising to this challenge!”

Aurelien Hachez, Engineer 

Mathias Theunis

Corporate recruiter

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