Our dispatchers maintain the balance when it comes to Belgium's power supply.

National dispatchers

Do you want to monitor and control the Belgian high-voltage grid in an international setting? Can you calculate energy flows through the grid, plan work in the short term, and are a born multitasker? Then you will be right at home as an Elia national dispatcher based at our National Control Centre (NCC).

At the NCC, you face an ever-changing energy landscape, evolving regulations and the further integration of Europe's electricity markets. We make decisions increasingly closer to real time. It is up to you to coordinate national and international works on the grid. You determine the available transmission capacity and monitor the availability of energy in order to guarantee the continuity of the electricity supply in Belgium. Truly a job for engineers with a great sense of responsibility.

Regional dispatchers

As a dispatcher at a Regional Control Centre (RCC), you are responsible for the balance of the power supply. Smart switching means that you can guarantee power at any time and monitor the safety of colleagues and partners. You keep an eye on incidents, make control calculations, prepare switching, and coordinate commissioning and decommissioning.

Elia's RCCs control and monitor the transmission system 24 hours a day. We maintain the balance between the generation and consumption of energy, plan power outages and ensure that incidents are handled properly and quickly. Are you eager to learn, hands-on and a born multitasker? Then a role as regional dispatcher at Elia will be a meaningful job with lots of responsibility!

Kroes Martin Elia Dispatcher

“The national control center of Elia is offering an ever changing and challenging operational world.”

Kroes Martin, Dispatcher

Ikram Hadj Kaddour

Recruitment & Selection  

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