Elia replaces, moves and builds energy facilities, but never without such work being prepared by a designer.


As a designer at Elia, you spend your days working on infrastructure projects, designing new facilities and modifying and extending existing substations. To this end, you conduct preliminary studies and, in line with your expertise (electrical/mechanical), devise detailed designs or draw up site and implementation plans. You use cutting-edge techniques and tailor your designs to the applicable safety rules.

You are adept at analysing wiring or mechanical diagrams of existing facilities, construction diagrams and standardised diagrams. You perform quality checks and take part in acceptance tests. Depending on your specialisation, you create designs for high voltages, low voltages, or cables and lines. Design your own career - Elia challenges you and gives you energy!

“Our studies require us to be familiar with and apply many rules and standards. 

However, there is no such thing as a standard project, which keeps our work challenging and exciting.
As designers, we have to be well versed in many rules and standards that we then apply to projects, none of which could ever be considered 'standard'. We are expected to be enterprising in our work as well as creative in finding solutions; it is not just about drawing.”

David Maes, Designer

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