IT expert or specialist in communications, finance or legal affairs? Elia is looking for a wide range of employees.

  • HR
    The HR Department plays a key strategic role in the company, from attracting talented people (Recruitment) and training them (Learning & Development) to providing our employees with constant support when it comes to their development and career.
    HR strives to cultivate an environment where talents can best develop and flourish.
    Alongside Soft HR, the Department is also home to HR officers responsible for compensation and benefits, payroll and social relations. Our HR Business Partners form the link between HR and the business.

    Do you want to help further support Elia's talented employees? Then check out our HR vacancies!
    Training and development are paramount at Elia. Our HR team promotes growth and internal mobility among our 1,785 employees. We can only deliver the quality that Elia stands for if we have the right people in the right place.

    Our HR Business Partners foster communication and coordination between employees, the business and the HR Department. They develop and improve HR processes and projects. Our HR Excellence Pools (Recruitment & Selection, Learning & Development, Compensation & Benefits & Payroll and Social Relations) come up with tangible solutions.

    Elia's mission and values serve as the benchmark here : mission and values
    Do you want to help accomplish our mission?

  • Communication
    The Communication Department manages the various channels used to disseminate information within and outside Elia. We share news and information about Elia's tasks and projects via the company magazine, advertising campaigns, educational tools and e-newsletters, for instance. Our in-house communication tools facilitate the exchange of information and give everyone a clear picture of Elia's aims.

    We also strive to foster a pleasant working atmosphere and so organise events and activities for you to enjoy unforgettable moments with your colleagues. Communicating obviously means understanding one another, even when we do not speak the same language. As a result, our translation team plays an essential role in our international company. If you feel a spark at Elia, check out our communication vacancies!
  • Finance
    Elia's Accounting & Finance Department focuses on accounting, taxation and insurance. We work closely with one another and with the business. Our business analysts regularly consult with controllers as well as colleagues from other fields (e.g. Asset Management, HR, Engineering).

    We facilitate Elia's financial policy and compile the reports and analyses needed for budget monitoring. In a regulated market, it is vital that all information on costs and income is transparent and close to hand. This is a must for the regulator as well as our shareholders.
    If numbers give you a boost, then Elia has the challenge for you!
  • Purchasing
    The Purchasing Department forms the link between Elia's internal customers and its suppliers. We devise the purchasing strategy and select the best possible suppliers. This is a complex but exciting task that involves juggling a large number of parameters.

    Purchasing buys energy to maintain grid balance. We are also responsible for national and international purchases of equipment and studies for grid development projects. We also purchase the general services that Elia needs for its day-to-day operation. All in all, we play a crucial role in the achievement of Elia's strategic, tactical and operational goals.
  • Community relations

    The Community Relations Department focuses on encouraging acceptance of all Elia activities among the general public. We put society first and roll out social and societal initiatives. As a responsible company, we are building a sustainable future for all internal and external stakeholders.

    Respecting the environment and local community triggers a positive spiral: we can protect biodiversity as well as preserving the richness of the landscape and local culture. This also facilitates the acceptance and construction of new infrastructure.

    Lastly, respect also offers financial benefits for shareholders and society, as they can rely on a more reliable, efficient and affordable energy supply.

  • Legal 

    Elia’s Legal Department monitors and advises on regulations in the broadest sense of the word (e.g. company law, financial law, contract law and corporate governance). Our lawyers work closely with management, administrative support and Elia Group entities at both national and international level.

    Elia's national and international subsidiaries can contact us with all their legal questions. We negotiate, draft, verify and finalise transactions, contracts, documents and letters as well as reporting on legal risks and supervising legal formalities that apply to Elia as a listed company. And this is what, quite rightly, gives us energy!

  • Safety
    Safety is a top priority for Elia. The Safety Department works to raise awareness among our employees and contractors, day in and day out, because those working for Elia, whether in the field or in an office, make decisions that influence the safety of our sites.

    We devise procedures and guidelines and train key figures so that they can guarantee the safety of employees, contractors and local residents. Everyone goes home safe - that is our motto.

Isabelle Courtois Corporate Elia

“What’s great about Elia is that they care and include us in their approach to health, safety and well-being!”

Isabelle Courtois, Head of IT Governance

Sandrine Vuye Corporate Elia
Sandrine Vuye

Corporate recruiter

Mathias Theunis
Corporate recruiter
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