Development opportunities

Elia helps its employees to further their careers, for example by means of a personal development plan and assistance with identifying realistic career prospects. This is done under the personal supervision of the employee’s line manager and with support from the HR Business Partner, based on a performance management process.

We promote both horizontal mobility (job rotation and swaps) and internal promotion. All vacancies are published internally  first. Challenging our staff to take responsibility for their own career development is very much in line with our vision.


On a mission in Denmark

Smart grids are often considered the way to deal with the challenge of increasing integration of renewable energies into power grids. In-house consultant Jean-Christophe Cattrysse spent four months in Denmark at a specialist in this area: Danish power and gas transmission system operator

What did you think of your secondment?

I strongly recommend doing something like this. It allowed me to question my own ideas and look at my work from another perspective, while also considerably expanding my knowledge.

Was your work there very different from what you do in Belgium?

Yes, in fact it was. A normal working day in Denmark starts at between seven and nine in the morning, as in Belgium, but the offices start to empty from 3 p.m. and the building is practically deserted by five o’clock – apart from the control room of course. The work/life balance is of the utmost importance to the Danes. There are many ways of relaxing in the office: table football, a ping-pong table, games consoles and a gym. They also devote a lot of time to their family and sometimes bring their children into the office during the school holidays.

What did you miss there?

The social contact we have here. has its headquarters in the small town of Fredericia, 200 km from Copenhagen. It was a lot quieter there, which was a big shock coming from bubbling Brussels!


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