Elia operates Belgium's high-voltage grid, transmitting vital electricity throughout the country.

To ensure we can perform this critical mission, we offer our employees autonomy, solid training and opportunities for growth - and we take good care of them.

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We have selected three core and four aspirational values to realise our strategy and successfully accomplish our mission in a changing context.


Three guiding principles

Safety always comes first

Ensuring everyone’s safety, always and everywhere, comes first! We keep investing in safety and work in a safe and responsible manner.

We act in the interest of society

In everything we do, we ask ourselves what society wants and how we can offer added value.

Driven by performance

We are efficient and quality-oriented in our work with a view to achieving or exceeding the targets set. We strive to get results.



Four values

We are entrepreneurial

We work proactively and take initiatives to improve and to get out of our comfort zone. We do all we can to succeed, learn from our mistakes, and do better.

We collaborate

We share our knowledge both within and outside Elia, we question each other and give honest feedback to make as much progress as possible. We are stronger together!

We are accountable

We set motivating, ambitious targets and we achieve them. We fully assume responsibility for a project or task from start to finish.

We are agile

We do not stand still. We are open to change and keep moving forward despite the complex challenges posed by the energy landscape.