Welcome to Elia

Elia operates Belgium's high-voltage grid. That's one part of the equation. The other part is you: the spark that you can bring to your own career. Elia offers its employees an ideal combination of challenge and innovation in a dynamic but stable working environment. And as you'll soon discover, together we are more than the sum of our parts.

Elia: making power flow

Electricity is vital to our economy, our businesses and prosperity - and therefore also our well-being. The Belgian and European electricity markets are evolving all the time and Elia, as the owner and operator of Belgium’s high-voltage grid, has a key role to play in that process. But our power activities aren't just confined to Belgium: Elia holds a 60% stake in the German transmission system operator 50Hertz Transmission and we provide expertise on a number of major international consultancy projects.

Energised by energy

Our job is to transmit electricity from across Europe to distribution system operators using cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology. All of our employees embrace this challenge, day in day out, with passion and dedication. Find out about Elia now, and learn how it feels to keep the heart of the electricity market beating.